Tips for Getting Back to School


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people-woman-coffee-meetingHere are some tips for getting yourself and your child back into school spirit. Start your morning routine a week or two in advance, make sure your child gets a nutritious breakfast every morning, set up a work environment for your child’s homework, plan how they’ll get to and from school, and make sure their backpacks aren’t to heavy.

Start your morning routine a couple weeks in advance

A good idea to get your child ready for the new school year is by adjusting their summer sleep schedule to the new school sleep schedule. Have them go to bed early and set an alarm for when they need to wake up. Breakfast should be ready when your child is out of bed and ready for the day. Also, look through their backpack and make sure they have everything they need for the school day. This will help your child become adjusted to the new school year and allow a smooth transition from summer life to school life.

Make a nutritious breakfast every morning

Studies show that students who eat a nutritious breakfast function better, concentrate in class, and have more energy. Some healthy meals that you may want to consider are eggs, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, muffins, waffles with fruit, whole grain cereal, fruit smoothies, etc.

Set up a work environment

Set up a room in the house for schoolwork that promotes study and doesn’t have any distractions. For example, make it clear that everyday at a specific time your child must begin working on their schoolwork. It’s important that you be there to answer any questions your child may have but don’t do their homework for them. If your child has problems remembering what they need to do have them write down in a notebook their assignments.

Plan how to get to and from school

There are four ways to get your child to school. They could ride the bus, walk, ride a bike, or you could drive them. When your child is able to ride the bus learn where the bus stop is before the first day of school. Walk with your child to the bus stop so they can see where to go on the first day.  It’s the same with walking and riding a bike. Be sure to show your child the safest route for getting to school if you’re going to have them walk or ride a bike. And if you’re going to drive them, be sure to leave a little earlier to beat the traffic.

Check their backpacks 

No one wants their child to end up with back problems before they get out of high school. Make sure that your child’s backpack doesn’t weigh more than 20 percent of their own weight. Buy a backpack that has wide padded shoulder straps. Help your child organize the backpack to that they have heavy items in the main compartments and light items in pockets where they should be.


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